To truly appreciate luxury getaway camping,
our members have a choice between the Silver and the Gold card, which hold all the advantages of the Camping Travel Club.

How to choose? This would depend on your habits and your desires. Don't worry, nothing is irreversible. .
With a Silver card, you can move up to a Gold card whenever you want to enjoy even more of the best campsites in Europe and Morocco at scandalously accessible prices!

Les avantages des Camping Travel Cards

The Camping Travel Cards Silver and Gold enable you to benefit from substantial discounts for stays at any one of our partner campsites before or after the peak season. The Silver card is free and valid for life starting from €45 worth of overnight credits loaded! The Gold card offers premium benefits such as loyalty points, assistance, an Ambassador program, the Camping Travel Club guide offered for 4 years, etc. To improve your experience, we made sure the Silver and Gold cards are easily rechargeable online or by phone, with the possibility of checking your balance at any time from your smartphone through an intuitive ergonomic interface.

How to choose your Camping Travel Card?

The Silver card is ideal for discovering the Camping Travel Club and accessing its many benefits: the overnight credit is valid for two years, there is a Holiday Rewards program, exclusive deals, and free nights, etc.
By opting for the Gold card you will have access to even more benefits and privileges, including longer validity on your overnight credits, a loyalty program, an assistance offer, and the guide is free, etc. Whatever your choice, we promise you unforgettable moments with your family or friends in the heart of idyllic settings with impeccable services and first choice activities!

Utilisation de la carte Silver Gold
Possibilité de recharger votre carte en ligne ou par téléphone coche-comparatif-cartes coche-comparatif-cartes
Frais de traitement par rechargement 0,00 € 0,00 €
Validité des unités 2 années à partir de la date de chargement 4 années à partir de la date de chargement
Centralisation de vos données personnelles et solde de carte, facilement accessibles dans la rubrique « Mon Compte » de ce site internet coche-comparatif-cartes coche-comparatif-cartes

Programme de fidélité Silver Gold
Programme Holiday Rewards
25 unités consommées = 15€ de crédit de nuitées offert
(Programme valable entre le 01 janvier et le 31 décembre. Le 1er janvier suivant, votre compte est remis à zéro
coche-comparatif-cartes coche-comparatif-cartes
Programme de fidélité Gold Card
1 unité consommée = 1 point de fidélité cumulé

Avantages Camping Travel Club Silver Gold
Nuits gratuites (voir périodes pour chaque établissement) coche-comparatif-cartes coche-comparatif-cartes
Promos exclusives (surveillez vos emails !) coche-comparatif-cartes coche-comparatif-cartes

Bons plans et privilèges Silver Gold
Guide Camping Travel Club et magazine 3 Seasons offerts pendant la durée de l’abonnement à la carte Gold coche-comparatif-cartes
L’offre assistance: un service de traduction, une assistance en cas de vol ou perte de papiers et plus encore
La possibilité de devenir Ambassadeur Camping Travel Club coche-comparatif-cartes

Produits Carte Silver Carte Gold
A partir de 45€ de crédit de nuitées acheté :
Carte gratuite
Carte valable à vie.
7,00 € / an pendant 4 ans
Carte renouvelable.